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what supplements should i take for optimal health?

Updated: May 26, 2020

what supplements should i take for optimal health?

I can see how you don't know or trust anything that is out there. Here are three things you need to recognize about which vitamins to take to see beneficial results and live in optimal health. 1. Learn three grades of vitamins. 2. Know the source of where your vitamins come from. 3. Check the fine print by reading the "other ingredients" on the back of the label.

First, think of vitamin grades as toxic, poor, or organic. Toxic grade vitamins are synthetic and bought in bulk anywhere online. They do not contain any nutritional value. This includes most big companies and store name brands. Poor grade vitamins promote a hopeful message by using organic terms and natural ingredients, but still contain synthetic fillers, dyes, and other harmful ingredients. These supplements are more likely purchased through an independent company that sells online. The best and only grade of vitamin to take is all-natural and organic. Pure ingredients in a powder form, compressed pill, or capsule form. These can be found through natural doctors or a few certified health practitioners.

Be sure to research the source of where your supplement comes from when googling what supplements should i take for optimal health? You'll be surprised what your taking is not always what it is defined as. Most all over the counter brands sell synthetic vitamins bought in bulk to supply large mass quantities. Although you may feel you can't beat the cheap price, these synthetic ingredients are not even the same chemical make-up as a natural vitamin. They do not ingest nor digest properly in our body, leaving little to no effect or even damage. Yet, millions of people consume them daily. What a waste! You want to buy vitamins that come from farmers and natural suppliers.

Even then be careful not to be fooled! Many natural suppliers add inorganic, even toxic fillers such as titanium dioxide and silica to keep manufacturing costs low. The most important tip is to read the "other ingredients". This is where you will find possibly even more toxic than good ingredients in your vitamins. Harsh ingredients to stay away from are titanium dioxide, silica (silicon dioxide), magnesium silicate, lead, mercury, PCBs, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors, coloring especially red 40, blue 2, and yellow 5. Yep, the most common ones out there! Unbelievable right!?

Are you still wondering what supplements should i take for optimal health? I provide safe, natural supplements granted by doctors, along with doctor support 24/7. You are welcome to explore and purchase trusted products I have on hand, though I recommend filling out and emailing back the attached nutritional questionnaire, booking an appointment, or taking advantage of a free consultation to guarantee certainty and accurate results.

Questionnaire 1.5
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