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Kinesiology: the study of body movement.
Holistic: whole, entire, or integrated.
Holistic Kinesiology: the study of movement within the whole body. 




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Certified Holistic Kinesiologist through the Institute of Holistic Medicine

As a holistic health coach, I understand many parts of our body function together as an entire system. If something is not functioning correctly, I use holistic kinesiology to discover the cause of any health concern and recommend natural remedies for corrective support.  


There are many options to choose from on our service page. If you have any health questions or concerns, contact me to set a time for a free 20-minute health consultation via Zoom. Before your initial visit, I ask that you please fill out the client intake forms completely. To ensure completing the entire holistic exam and possibly creating a potential healing plan for you, I recommend a one-hour visit for the first session. If you suffer from chronic and intense health problems, you may need multiple visits to complete accurate healing. After your health issues are resolved, you will learn new and effective home remedies. Visits may become less often for you. My goal is to help you heal you. So, expect a miracle.

Our health coach is certified as a Holistic Kinesiologist who has studied a minimum of 500 hours at The Institute of Holistic Medicine and Interned a minimum of 500 hours with a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist, doctor, physical therapist, and healthcare practitioner.

 Traits of Holistic Kinesiologist

*Aim to find the cause of the problem

*Address the body as a whole functioning system

*Use accurate remedies to aid symptoms like pain and inflammation

*Have a natural approach using vitamins, supplements, and healing protocols

Attractive Young Woman

I have been working with Brittany for a few weeks with a medical problem I have. After two days I noticed a huge difference and am so relieved I found true help. I have a grip on my health and I'm finally excited about the future!

Riley Jones

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