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how to control emotions naturally

Are your emotions interfering with life? Before turning to the pharmaceutical fix, let's gain some insight into how to control emotions naturally. There are thousands of suggestions online, although this information is the most accurate. 

First of all, when withstanding trauma and emotional setbacks, it is necessary to know, you are NOT your emotions. Feelings and emotions are apart of our biology. There is a chemical reaction inside different glands and systems throughout our bodies. Think about that one for a minute. Emotions are not just in our heads, and it is NOT healthy to hold them in. Most times, deep feelings do not just go away. Emotions are molecular groupings that have a lock and key effect with different organs in our bodies.

The lungs hold onto grief and sadness. A weak or damaged liver reacts through anger. The gallbladder needs support if one tends to hold a grudge and often encounters Gauld and resentment toward others. The kidneys hold on to fear and anxiety. A burned-out pancreas causes insecurities and causes one to live through others. The thyroid causes indecisiveness and confusion. Feeling stuck and frustrated is molecularly held in the large intestine. Arrogance and egoistic behaviors associate with a weak stomach. Have you ever even heard of this?

If one is looking at how to control emotions naturally, finding the cause of the problem through kinesiology and targeted biochemical support supplements must be involved. We need to strengthen the organ, to overcome the trauma or emotion. Thankfully, through The Institute of Holistic Medicine, I have learned, experienced, and witnessed myself, the revelations of rebuilding and repairing organs to overcome emotions. Now it is time for you and your loved ones to learn how to control emotions naturally as well.

Rather than looking at people as "they are just that way." In which we all judge. Learning how to control emotions naturally by healing organs and emotions, can save family dynamics, romantic relationships, and provide a healthy balance of self-love and love for others. Just that alone is worth seeing the possibilities of healing interfering with emotions.

Are you interested in receiving more? I am here to help. Make an appointment to speak with me today so we can further your knowledge and growth on how to control emotions naturally. I'm so excited for you.

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