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Why wait for Trump for the US to no longer be dependent on China's drug manufacturing?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Fox News declares, "President Trump is pressed on a timeline for the U.S. losing its dependency on Chinese medicine during his Fox News town hall.” The headline's question, "When will the US no longer be dependent on China's drug manufacturing?” Well, here is a responsible answer to that.

When we use our gifts of freedom, independence, and individuality to choose holistic health care over pharmaceutical drugs is when the US will no longer be dependent on China's drug manufacturing. We are seeing through personal experiences and scientific studies that the results in natural, holistic health care are far more beneficial than what Big Pharma has set up for us. Now, during this COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic and as we step out of quarantine, we need to make wise decisions with staying away from pharmaceuticals and stepping into natural holistic health. This will lead us to independence and the US to no longer be dependent on China's drug manufacturing. There is no time to wait for President Trump is pressed on a timeline, aren't we all? So, how do we find a clear definition of holistic healing to receive the most accurate information and direction as possible? is a new site providing certified holistic health practitioners, holistic kinesiology, and natural health information from modern doctors, ancient healing philosophies, and world-wide traditions of natural health and healing. Health practitioners certified by the Institute of Holistic Medicine as "Holistic Kinesiologist" can be trusted since they are all taught under the same format, have doctors on their team guiding and directing them if needed, along with personal spiritual gifts, knowledge, and expertise. Holistic Kinesiologist known as "HKs" practice healing works from Ancient China, England, Europe, and use modern western methods as well. HKs asses the entire body to find the cause of the problem while Big Pharma relies on limited algorithmic studies and financial profit-building strategies. Now, who are you going to trust and choose to help you with your healing chronic health issues?

After working with so many people and seeing scenarios from all different stages, I am ecstatic to present a new form and new function of health in society in what seems to be a perfect time. Not only is The Institute of Holistic Medicine enrolling students, individuals like you and me, but the students are launching off into creating their practices such as So where ever you stand whether it be learning more about natural healing, reaching out to a certified holistic health practitioner, finding a trustworthy Holistic Kinesiologist for you and your family, or signing up for The Institute of Holistic Medicine to learn holistic kinesiology for yourself; know you make the difference for the US to no longer be dependent on China's drug manufacturing.

To further your action as a free human being, say goodbye to algorithmic systems you may have been dependent on through the means of our medical society. We're waiting to hear from you at via email or contact our certified Holistic Kinesiologist personally. Natural and holistic doctors are on stand by to support any health concern. We can personally address you and your concerns to determine what is best for you and your body. We offer free phone consultations to ensure you in finding your way to natural healing and a healthy lifestyle with fun and ease. Talk to you soon.

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