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Three Simple Steps: Living With Erb's Palsy Can Be Easier

Can Erb's palsy get worse? Research says Erb's Palsy usually settles with little or no medical treatment. In other cases, if the nerves in the upper brachial plexus are severely damaged, the affected arm suffers from permanent weakness or paralysis. Try these three simple steps:

1) Exercise

Here are three neck and spine practices for kids and adults with Cerebral Palsy or Erb's palsy: Cervical Neck Rotation, Cervical Extention and Flexion, and Ear to Shoulder (not shoulder to ear). These work the neck and shoulder where the injury first may have occurred. I recommend doing these to unwind the neck and for maximum function and use of your arms, neck, and shoulders. Follow along and enjoy the video demonstration.

2) Diet

These dietary suggestions are doctor recommended from the Widener nutritional manual protocols. Drink at least eight full glasses of water daily. Avoid well water, tap water, and water containing chlorine and fluoride. Also, avoid and eliminate refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats and oils, processed foods, synthetic vitamins, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. It seems like there may be nothing left to eat after reading this list of foods to avoid, but trust me, there is a whole new world of food waiting for you to discover and enjoy. Click here for information on healthy and unhealthy ingredients. In addition to eating healthy, I recommend natural supplements that target nerve damage, as in Cerebral Palsy and Erb's Palsy. You can buy these products here, but to specifically target what you want to heal, I suggest a free 20 min consultation first.

3) Support

Don't do this alone. Recovery may be a life long issue. Having support is extremely important and beneficial for you or your child's future. Diet and exercise can be extremely expensive, overwhelming, time-consuming, and inefficient if not targeted accurately. Feel free to contact me anytime for insight and assistance. Remember, it's never too late. Although, the younger age you start and continue working on healing the issue, the more effective chance you will have at creating a less complicated lifestyle for you or your child.

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