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Bouncing Back from B12 Deficiency: Your Action Plan for Health at Fun and Easy Health

Updated: Apr 9

Peel away the complexity of nutrition with us at Fun and Easy Health as we spotlight a crafty, often undetected culprit - Vitamin B12 Deficiency. This silent saboteur weaves a web of broad-ranging signs that can lead to an exasperated statement such as "Vitamin B12 deficiency ruined my life". But, the silver lining? This thief can be caught and beaten.

The Dangers of B12 Deficiency:

This master of disguise presents an array of unusual symptoms that make the culprit hard to catch. Constant fatigue, a sudden change in behavior, or neurological symptoms in elderly individuals might be your first clues. The deficiency alters the fundamental processes of your body, including nerve function and the production of red blood cells.

What happens when your vitamin B12 is low?

When your Vitamin B12 levels take a nosedive, you might initially not notice. Even medical tests are known to show 'normal' levels in B12 but the person remains low. However, as the deficiency ravages your system, lifestyle disruptions could be significant. Your behavior patterns could change seemingly without reason, with every day bringing new challenges.

Is B12 Deficiency Linked to Cancer?

Looming on your mind may be the question: "Can Vitamin B12 deficiency be a sign of cancer?" While a definitive link between the two is yet to be found, preliminary studies have suggested a potential correlation. However, further research is needed, and it’s always best to consult a healthcare professional with any health concerns.

The Cyanocobalamin Conundrum:

Edging into the nuances, not all Vitamin B12 supplements are created equal. Synthetic forms like Cyanocobalamin sold at Costco or Walmart might appear efficient, but these are not as capable due to their artificial nature and potential toxicity. The better choice? Adenosylcobalamin, or Adenosyl B12 for sale at Fun And Easy Health.

Reviving B12 Levels: The Adenosyl B12 Advantage:

The natural form - Adenosyl B12, is easier to absorb and does not carry toxicity risks. Our dissolving tablets of Adenosyl B12 are from farm to table from a doctor-only supplied company called Nutri-West. This could be your star player fundamental to your game plan in the battle against B12 deficiency when paired with a diet rich in B12 foods like leafy greens, heirloom potatoes, fish, and for some people, small amounts of red meat (beef).

Recognizing B12 deficiency in Women:

Attention ladies, the symptoms of B12 deficiency could be masked as the usual female conditions, such as unexpected fatigue or shifts in mood. Regular health check-ups with our health coach and your primary doctor are critical in catching this elusive deficiency. Have faith, recovering from What is considered a low B12 level can and will happen.

Starting your Road to Recovery:

Navigating health complexities shouldn't mean you're alone in the wild. Speak with a holistic health coach from Fun and Easy Health to help guide you through the terrain. Together, let's combat Vitamin B12 deficiency and commence on the path to optimal health at

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