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Energize and purify your space with the Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser—a holistic solution to refresh your personal vibe, living quarters, workspace, and cherished belongings. Loved by energy enthusiasts and holistic healers, this aura cleanser is your go-to for a clean slate and a mood uplift.


Get Your Zen On with Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser


  • All-Purpose Cleanser: Amp up the good vibes at home, in the office, or in any wellness space. This aura cleanser does wonders for your children, spouses, pets, and personal treasures.
  • Instant Refresh: Clear out the old and make room for the new. Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser cleanser not only banishes negative vibes but also fosters positive energy flow and happiness.
  • Easy to Apply: Using this aura cleanser is simple and effective. Whether you prefer a quick spritz or a hands-on vibe reset through reiki healing.


Aura Cleanser Spray Guide:

Aura Boost: Just a few sprays above your head, you will be cloaked in a revitalizing mist. Double down for a more thorough aura around your shoulders and back, where tension hides.

Space Revitalizer: Give special attention to areas with drama or tension. A spritz here and there can transform the feel of any room.


Hands-on Aura Cleanse Method:

  • Enhance Your Energy Work: Deposit 4-5 sprays into your palm, rub your hands together, and prepare to cleanse.
  • Gentle Aura Brushing: Use your hands to sweep away negativity from head to toe. Focus on key energy points, chasing away the stagnant spots.
  • Follow Your Instincts: Address areas that need extra love, reapplying cleanser as needed. Encourage deep, steady breaths to enhance the energy release.

Step into your power with the Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser—it's your secret weapon for inner and outer space clarity. Do you want a Reiki or non-physical body-clearing session? Connect with Brittany Poliska at Fun And Easy Health, our in-house Nerve Reflex Specialist and Holistic Kinesiologist. Give us a ring at 951-477-0259 for personalized guidance and expert holistic healing strategies. Let's elevate your health journey together.


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