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Physical Exam

Are you in any type of pain? Make an appointment with our head to toe physical exam. You can discover where and how structural issues in your body occur. Since we focus on finding the cause of problems, you may find outstanding results that make sense.
Physical Exam

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Holistic Health Exam, CA, USA

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Our physical exam protocols were taught and designed by doctors, physical therapist, and holistic kinesiologist. We observe the whole body from head to toe to ensure full and accurate findings. This includes the head/sacrum, shoulders/chest, hips/waist, back/spine, legs/knees, and ankles/feet. If you have a specific injury we will focus on that, however, do not be surprised if findings lead to other parts of the body that were previously affected. Depending on your findings, you will be provided a diagram with notes for specific and personal recommendations. These recommendations would be applied in the next visit. Our Head to Toe Physical Exam is great for people who are in any type of chronic pain. For people suffering from headaches, TMJ dysfunction, neck, shoulder, back, knee, leg pain, sciatic nerve problems, feet pain or problems. Our protocols are safe and effective for all ages, for chronic or acute issues, and for maintaining a healthy posture. 

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